Cineforum ESO: "Hotel Rwanda"

Al terminar una Evaluación y antes de comenzar la siguiente, los alumnos de 4º ESO, dentro de la asignatura de Inglés, visionaron la película "Hotel Rwanda" con el objetivo de comentar posteriormente todos sus entresijos. Dejando los aspectos técnicos al margen, lo que interesaba era analizar el significado de la película, las emociones que despetaban en el alumnado, y vincularla a la situación socio-política actual. Todos los alumnos realizaron sus reflexiones por escrito, resultando un éxito tanto por la profundidad de sus análisis como por la calidad de sus textos. A continuación, un ejemplo:


"It is 1994 and the tension between the Hutus and the Tutsis in Rwanda is mourning. Paul Rusesabagina is a hotel worker whose family and friends are all Tutsies (the Government class), whereas he is a Hutu, the dominant class which wants to gain control in their country. A war between both tribes starts, and Paul does everything he can to help refugees from both sides in the hotel. He is promoted and named as new director. He fights for everyone's survival and finally gets the chance of moving to Belgium, bringing his wife, children and two nieces with him.

Some historians claim that worldwide conflicts are easy to produce at any country due to religious or political reasons, and it usually means the destruction of the country and the people whi live there, even if they stay alive after the war ends. Historical books always show conflicts, starting with ancienc civilisations, such as the Egyptians.


War environments make it hard to overcome the psychological consequences once it finishes. Hundreds of innocent people are killed on the street, the society gets divided into small groups who just want to kill people from the other side, instead of trying to reach an agreement, the "thirst of power" gets bigger and bigger among the leaders and help never arrives or it arrives too late. This situation took place in Rwanda in 1994. The President of the country was murdered for being a Tutsi, while the Hutus were convincing themselves of the need to start a war and gain control. Luckily, some brave people like Paul, saved the lives of hundreds of people. The total destruction of buildings, the huge amount of orphan kids and the total desperation of thousands of families who were just willing to be taken to a safer place are shown in the movie. Finally, Paul and his family are taken to Belgium, and despite not being able to find Paul's brother-in-law, his wife decides to adopt their orphan nieces.

In my opinion, bearing in mind that our generation hasn´t experienced a conflict like this nearby, civil wars are without a doubt one of the worst things ever provoked by human beings. Nationalist feelings and borders created artificially by imperalistic conquerors did have terrible consequences in future centuries. Co-operating with other cultures would, at least, make it easier to end with certain negative attitudes some people have against others who think in a different way".

Marta Gidoff, 4º ESO

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